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Hey, I'm Melissa. I'm the girl who is best friends with love and still believes prince charming exists somewhere out there-- fully equipped with great eyes and an immature sense of humor. I wear too many bracelets and I can't concentrate on the conversation if the TV's on. I love surprises and hardwood floors. My lucky number is 13 and right now my toenails are painted 5 different colors. I love Taylor Swift and I hope you her too. This is my blog, and I love you for looking at it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011
Working at Burger King!

OMG I finally have a job hahaha. At BK. Sucks some but still it's a job and I get the usual fast-food service crew perks like a free meal. My feet killed me and my toenails chipped bad. Oh Lord I can't wait for my (meagre) salary.

My colleagues are generally a bunch of nice people minus the Pinoy manager today who seriously needs to take a chill pill. I did dining yesterday which means wiping tables/chairs, washing trays, wiping them and putting the paper on top, and tried to make myself helpful wherever I might be needed. Got home at 10 which pissed Mom off but wtf I don't really care anymore except that I had to go at 8 today. I did counter today and served a bunch of people at top speed which isn't actually all that fast. Screwed up a bunch but that was mostly thanks to Missus Manager yelling at me.

OK I'm lazy today so excuse me and you know what? I lost my appetite for BK forever. :O

Friday, September 23, 2011
Miss Aniela

In case you didn't know I really like art. And photography. I can't take them to save my life but I do appreciate a good one like anything. If you didn't know (how could you!) Miss Aniela is a fine arts photographer based in London, UK. She has some really awesome photos, like the ones below:
Visit her website @ missaniela.com!

Monday, September 5, 2011
growing up

I have seen many things in my 14 1/2 years on this Earth, and though I admit that that's really nothing at all I still have thought many things through and found myself. When I was young I was ever so naive, taking to parroting what my parents would say and laying my absolute faith and conviction in greater, better beings than myself. I was essentially a weak-willed follower, but things have changed since then, but I can't quite put my mind to when exactly - it was more of a gradual process.

People's childhoods are supposed to be happy, a time of discovering and exploring, learning through imitation and mistakes, but mine was not, as it still isn't. I did discover several things, such as the Survival 101 in the Hu household; and I did learn several things, like what not to do in front of my mother and when not to talk to her. I also know now, after so many years, that it really is possible to hate one's mother, not just in the "oh-she-won't-let-me-dress-like-a-hooker" kind of pissed-off, but really deep-in-the-gut kind of hatred. Thinking of it, I actually may have that a little bit of love left, but oh, I don't know anymore. This is a woman who has taught me to lie and be vicious, to cry under my bedclothes at night and not pursue my life's dreams, to cover my wounds with a smile and a bit of concealer and tell the next door woman that, no, the bad cat in the park scratched my arm and that noise last night was really our TV on static. I'm speaking of someone who has stripped me of a child's right to her childhood and hugs (I've never gotten one), and a girl's right to free will and forgiveness. And her mother.

I really sound like a pessimistic, ungrateful brat, but I'm serious, you don't know my life, and I'm writing this here to let some steam out. Things happen everyday, and I try to be positive, but sometimes it's too hard and I find it necessary to bitch, or I just might kill someone.

A million things pull at me but they escape me a while later. I haven't yet quite gotten into the habit of writing them all down, nor have I taken to carrying a notepad and pen around with me. That's kind of sad, actually, seeing as to how I strain my mind but can never remember them again. Once again, this was really painful for me to write, and no doubt I sound like an asshole in need of a kick to the arse but like I said, what would YOU have done?

Well, I gotta go now, since I can't remember what else I have to say. Must be an early onset of Parkinson's.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011
ORD 2011

It's like midnight now but I suddenly had this urge to blog about ORD yesterday. I've never quite gotten so emotional about any past ORDs but this time round I just felt sad that time flies by so fast and we are no longer juniors in the CCA. Part A year, Jaslyn and Huiyi took us; Part B year, Nadra and Zhiru took us; Part C year, Huixian and Jermaine took us; and next year, Jallene and Mira are technically our USM and ASM.

It's not actually the fact that growing up intimidates me, although yes it does of course, but what made me sad was that I really liked the Part Ds who ORD-ed this year. I don't really know why, but maybe it's just the fact that they had been with us for the longest, and they did the most for us. (sorry no offence meant to other PS and APSes)

I didn't actually get very upset during the parade, which btw sucked because it was in the tiny koi pond. I felt a little touched (would you call it that?) at the exchanging gifts part, and it was really nice of Huixian and Jerm to make us that video and card. I'll always treasure them! <3 Also, thank you all so, so much for everything, I love you, and I'm crying a bit writing this. I never thought I would, but it doesn't matter. You'll always be in my heart, forever and always, and I will remember and keep close to me all the awesome times we've had together. I promise with my platoon mates that we'll try to be the best-est-est-est seniors ever to live your legacies!
'Cos indeed, together we are MORE!

And, gotta say our duties start really fast. I'm commanding tomorrow, and am feeling a tad nervous. Wish me luck!

P.S. Special thanks to the seniors who came back! Thank you for making my time in RGSNCCAIR so memorable! Love you too!

Monday, August 8, 2011


Haha dunno what's with the weird greeting but anyway, I just had the most awesome NDP in school! Woke up super early at 5 to get ready and reached school at 6.30. They passed out the gloves and when it got to me I conveniently forgot that we needed two (I heard someone else mention we only need to wear on our left hand LOL) but luckily I took the right hand one hahaha and we went to fall in the parade square. OK the whole parade was basically standing there and stoning plus counting how many pages of papers Julie Hoo was holding. Oh well at least Shirley Tan and the GOH didn't make a speech too if not... the medics will have to carry me off. My feet were seriously killing me. And as you know Shirley T. talks about as fast as I walk to History class (to be exact about 20-30 words a minute).

Dean Gee, Sherm, Huisai and I didn't go for the concert part, but we could hear them belting out the songs 4 stories below. Definitely brings back good ole' memories of Sec 2 Community Singing. We cam-whored, did retarded stuff, sang around like drunks, gossiped and played some Monopoly Deal. I wanted to go ice-skating with Sherm and Huisai but I already promised my friends I'd go to Plaza Sing with them. :( Not to say that the Plaza Sing wasn't fun, though, it's just that I keep procrastinating going out with S and H. Haha anyway I got some cuticle remover, base and top coats at Daiso for great prices and had some Macs, then we sat in a circle in some forsaken corner and played Truth or Dare (lots of prank-calling). Jenn's friends came over after a while but we left as it was getting late. Ahh chill day.

Anyhow, I plan to watch the NDP celebrations at Marina Bay tomorrow, 'cuz 3 of my most awesome platoon mates are marching in the contingent! I wanted to go too, but the training is so hardcore I don't think I can squeeze time for it and anyway, I'm too short. ;( Haha I'm rooting for Zer, Phuah and Shing! (: I haven't really heard this year's NDP song but there's this "fun pack pack" thing I suppose which is ABSOLUTELY, FREAKING DISGUSTING. I hope they don't use it gosh.

P.S. I may be moving house! :D Haha and the best part is it's most likely to my friend's block, no less the unit 13 floors above hers! I really like that condo, but most probably because it's so near to my primary school and the railway track/canal, and I have soooo many memories there. Aww now I'm getting all nostalgic, YTPS FTW!!! <3

P.P.S. I promise to upload pictures if I ever do move!

P.P.P.S. The peach I'm eating (kudos to Dad) is awesome!

Sunday, July 31, 2011
I hate my stupid mother

I really hate my stupid mother. What a bitch. I'm sorry to say this, but really, can't a body have some freedom? I asked her whether I could go to the library to study with my friend, and she made a hell of a hullabaloo out of it which ended in me getting boxed and yelled out. She even insulted my friend and her mother for asking me to go to the library to study and said she's gonna come to the library later to check that I'm actually doing what I'm supposed to be doing. Which all boils down to what - My mother is really a fucking bitch. And don't diss that I'm an ungrateful brat, 'cuz it's true.

See y'all around, I'm in a bad mood now and gotta rush to the library. :/

Help I'm dead for Math!

Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh people you have no idea how screwed I will be on Tue! There are two really important exams (Eng and Math luckily I don't take MSP) and I am done studying for neither of them. Help! Aidez-moi! 救命!

Whatever shall I do. ;( OK I admit that I probably deserve it seeing that I'm still blogging now and been watching Corpse Bride and playing Sorority Life (I'm addicted to that game!) but I can't help but be pretty worried for Tuesday. No make that EXTREMELY worried. I think I'll fail. Again.

Anyone got any cures for internet addiction and allergy to books?

P.S. As you would've noticed I changed my blog skin and I'm having a little technical difficulties with the left-hand side. Never been a tech-savvy kinda person. Oh shit I really should be reading up on expositions now.

Bye guys.